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We can help you develop your idea to solutions using today's technology. We can develop everything from a part of a product to the complete product; casing and packaging included. We can build everything from one prototype to a large production.


Custom electronics, with a focus on quality, production costs & low-energy


Software embedded devices & apps connecting devices


Connecting things to the internet using LoRaWAN


Webbased solutions for collaboration & information management



Founded in 2013, Elecgator is a starting technology company, a logic next step after launching an interactive whiteboard solution in 2011. Elecgator is located in Beringen, Belgium. The name “Elecgator” is a portmanteau of electronics and integrator. Our specialization is mainly embedded electronics and web development. With many years of experience in electronic product design; we are familiar with the latest developments. We manage every aspect from idea to shipping to the customer. In that way we have direct feedback from our customer that can help us to improve our products fast and efficiently. Our interactive whiteboard solution is the first product and is a sensible alternative for the expensive more known competitors that schools tend to buy. With this solution you can transform your computer with projector into a interactive digital whiteboard. Using an IR-pen you can interact with software programs on the whiteboard.


We have successfully finished different projects. Not all projects are listed here, because some are protected by an NDA.


We are continuously working on new projects. Some projects are for clients, other projects are ideas we want to explore.


We get inspired by new technologies, but also existing projects can lead to new ideas. Some of those ideas we've already explored and only need the right momentum to be launched.

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